(Fruit Wine Recipe No. 4) Apple Cider in 3 Days

(Fruit Wine Recipe No. 4) Apple Cider in 3 Days

Here's the 4th recipe of my quick fruit wine series. I enjoy the faint pink color and sweet scent of apples.

Ingredients: Makes 500 ml

1-2 small apples
1 cm wide slices
Crystal rock sugar
130-150 g
Liqueur for fruit wine (70 proof)
400 ml


1. Wash the skin of the apples well, cut the apples (without peeling) into 6-8 pieces and remove the core. As for the lemon, remove the peel and the white pith.
2. Add what you made in Step 1, the sugar, and the liqueur into a heat proof container. Cover it with plastic wrap and microwave for 5 minutes. Let it cool as is then cover it with a sterile lid and store it.
3. Hold on tight for 3 days! After that, you can serve it with soda or make your original mixed drink.

Story Behind this Recipe

There's no way that I could wait months for this...