Simple Kyoryuger Character Bento

Simple Kyoryuger Character Bento

Kyoryuger is a character from a popular Japanese TV show.

Ingredients: 1 onigiri

Cooked white rice
1 bowl
Anpanman hayashi rice
1 packet
Nori seaweed
to taste
1 slice


1. Make a template by tracing over a picture of a kyoryuger on to parchment paper.
2. Mix the hayashi rice into the cooked rice. Wrap the rice in cling film and shape it into the shape of the template. Add some cuts with a knife to get a more defined shape.
3. Make a thin omelette and use the template to cut out the outer part of the mouth. Use some mayonnaise to fix the omelette in place.
4. Use the template to cut out the inner mouth from a sheet of nori seaweed and fix in place with mayonnaise. Do the same with the cheese slice for the tongue.
5. Fix some eyes to the top of the head to finish.
6. You can use cheddar cheese instead of an omelette if you like.
7. If you make templates you can make all the different kyoryugers.

Story Behind this Recipe

My son wanted a kyoryuger in his lunchbox so I tried making one for him.