Cabbage Omelette & Pink Yogurt Sauce

Cabbage Omelette & Pink Yogurt Sauce

This is a simple omelette using only cabbage and eggs. Enjoy it with some healthy yogurt-based sauce.


Cabbage (or your favourite leafy vegetable)
1 ~ 2 pieces
* Yogurt
2 tablespoons
* Ketchup
1 tablespoon
* Sesame oil
a small amount
Salt and pepper
a small amount


1. Beat the egg well and julienne the cabbage. Heat 1 teaspoon of oil in the frying pan and stir fry cabbage. Add salt and pepper lightly and set aside on the plate.
2. Now pour the beaten egg into the frying pan and spread evenly. Place cooked cabbage in the centre of the egg before it sets. Fold over one side of the egg and the other side towards the middle. Move the omelette over to one side of the pan. Turn gently over onto the plate.
3. [Sauce] Mix together the * ingredients. This sauce also goes well with salad or steamed dishes.
4. The sauce goes well with spring rolls, too! This picture is "Steamed Chicken and Vegetable Fresh Spring Rolls" (Recipe ID: 2152105 ).

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried my new yogurt sauce with my favourite omelette which I've been making for a long time. It turns out a great combination.