Fluffy Mayo Cheese Tamagoyaki for Your Bento

Fluffy Mayo Cheese Tamagoyaki for Your Bento

This replaces oil with mayonnaise. It accents the flavor, makes it fluffy, and gives a subtly sweet and delicious flavor.

Ingredients: 1 person

1/2 tablespoon
a small amount
1 teaspoon
Milk (or soy milk) if you have it
1 tablespoon


1. Mix all the ingredients with the egg except for the mayonnaise.
2. Heat pan over medium heat, and add the mayonnaise once it has warmed up.
3. Add in the mixture from step 1 once the mayonnaise has melted, and mix it all up using big stirring motions with a pair of cooking chopsticks.
4. Roll when the bottom has solidified, turn the overlap towards the bottom and cook for a bit, and then wrap it in cooking paper.
5. Cut it with a knife once it has cooled, and it is done.
6. This is a bento I made one day. Pork and Ginger Stir-Fry (Recipe ID:1773016).

Story Behind this Recipe

I was all out of olive oil, so I used mayonnaise that I had in my fridge instead, and it was delicious.