Saves Time, Water, and Gas! How To Boil Spinach

Saves Time, Water, and Gas! How To Boil Spinach

With this method, you don't need any water. You can cook spinach in just 2 minutes.


as much as you need


1. Soak the spinach for a while in a bowl filled with water to make them crisp. (About 10 minutes or more.)
2. This is the water the spinach was soaking in. With this method, any dirt and so forth left on the spinach can be easily removed. They say that soaking spinach also washes away the oxalic acid.
3. Put the lightly drained and cut up spinach in a frying pan, and turn the heat on. Cover with a lid, and cook for about a minute over high heat.
4. The spinach has wilted in just a minute. Turn it over with cooking chopsticks, put the lid back on and cook for another minute or so.
5. The spinach is boiled. Just rinse it in lots of cold water, and use in any way you like.
6. You can use this method basically with any vegetable such as bean sprouts or broccoli, as long as you adjust the amount of water and cooking time.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is how to boil spinach in a multipurpose frying pan with a lid, which can be used to steam rice or boil pasta and so on. You can use any leafy vegetable instead. Adjust the cooking time as needed.