Miso Egg Soboro for your Bento and Onigiri

Miso Egg Soboro for your Bento and Onigiri

Sprinkle this over rice for your bento or mix into rice to form onigiri. It's well seasoned and adds color to your bento.

Ingredients: Makes 2 bento or 4 to 5 onigiris

Miso, sugar, mirin
1.5 tablespoons of each


1. You might think a soboro bento needs two kinds of crumbled toppings (egg and chicken). With this egg soboro, you will be satisfied with just one kind!
2. With miso this soboro looks darker than usual egg soboro but tastes good. Dissolve the miso, sugar and mirin over low heat.
3. After the miso starts to dissolve, add the beaten eggs. Hold the chopsticks neatly as in this photo.
4. Keep the heat low. Continue to stir the mixture vigorously. Do not forget to scrape the mixture off the sides of the pan.
5. After the mixture starts to look like this turn the heat off. Continue to stir the mixture over residual heat until crumbly!
6. To make soboro onigiri, line a flat dish with cling film and place cooked rice and half of the egg soboro. Spread the soboro evenly.
7. Place some more cooked rice and the rest of the egg soboro on top. Shape into a ball. Wrap with nori seaweed. You will taste the egg soboro with every bite! There's no need to add salt to the onigiri.
8. "Japanese Leek and Pork Mince Soboro" (Recipe ID: 2104354)

Story Behind this Recipe

Our canteen lady used to make this very often when I lived in company housing.
The soboro was sandwiched with rice so it was very satisfying.