Red Sea Bream Carpaccio in 5 Minutes

Red Sea Bream Carpaccio in 5 Minutes

This is my version of making the sea bream sashimi into a quick, colorful and delicious carpaccio! You can substitute the ingredients with what you have on hand.


Sea bream for sashimi (or any other sashimi)
as desired
Olive oil
1 tablespoon
Kombu tea (powder)
1 teaspoon
Lemon juice
small amount
Dried parsely (or basil)
small amount
Daikon radish sprouts
as needed
Cherry tomatoes


1. Mix the powdered kombu tea, dried parsley and olive oil. Taste and lightly season with salt if needed.
2. Chop the cherry tomatoes and daikon radish sprouts. Cut them into your desired sizes.
3. Place the sashimi on a plate and colorfully arrange it. You can also arrange it in any style you want with other herbs and vegetables.
4. Squeeze on some lemon juice if you like. It's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I had my sea bream filleted so I used the half for sashimi and decided to use the other half to make an easy carpaccio with the ingredients I had on hand. I only used a little bit of olive oil since I'm on a diet.