This uses 3 basic ingredients. You can easily and freely make Italian sweets without using oil.

Ingredients: about 12 pieces

Cake flour
80 g
40 g
Baking powder (if you have it)
3 g
Dried fruits, nuts, suitable liquor (if you have any)
To preference


1. Heat up an oven to 180°C. Add the baking powder and sugar to a bowl, and combine with a whisk. Beat the egg well. (Whip until white-ish when not using baking powder.)
2. Mix the liquor in with the eggs if you are using it. Add the dry ingredients to the egg, and lightly mix with a spatula. Chop the fruits and nuts and mix them in if you have them.
3. Spread parchment paper out on a cookie sheet, and spread out the dough into 1.5 cm thick elliptical shapes. Cook in the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes. It is done once it changes color.
4. Cut into 1~1.5 cm pieces once it has cooled. It is done at this point for those of you that like the outside crispy and the inside fluffy. You can also leave half.
5. For those of you that want to enjoy this crispy, turn the cross section upwards, and cook to your desired hardness for 10~15 minutes in the oven at 160°C, and it is done. It will become even harder if you cook the backside as well.

Story Behind this Recipe

I arranged something delicious that I learned overseas in the simplest way possible. It is perfect for beginners.