Soft & Rich Sweet Potatoes

Soft & Rich Sweet Potatoes

These sweet potatoes are rich with heavy cream and butter. The batter is soft so it is easy to pipe!

Ingredients: 20 No.8 paper cases

Sweet potato (without skins)
950 g
100 g
Sugar (granulated or soft brown sugar)
100 g
Heavy cream (dairy or non-dairy)
200 g
Black sesame seeds
to taste


1. Slice the sweet potatoes and peel. Soak in water to get rid of the bitterness.
2. Arrange the sweet potato slices on a heat-proof dish in a single layer. Cover with cling film and heat in a 600W microwave for 10 minutes.
3. They are done when the potato slices are dark yellow and tender. If still hard, put back in the microwave.
4. Put the sweet potato slices into a large bowl and add the room temperature butter and sugar. Use the residual heat of the sweet potatoes to melt the butter and sugar.
5. Roughly crush the mixture with a plastic spatula and then switch to a hand mixer or food processor.
6. Blitz the mixture until smooth with a hand mixer.
7. Add the beaten eggs (2 whole + 1/2) and mix well.
8. Stir in the heavy cream and mix.
9. The batter is ready when the mixture is very smooth and creamy.
10. Shape the round paper cases into oblong rectangles, or use as is, and pipe the batter vertically as if it's soft ice cream.
11. Set a star-shaped nozzle to a piping bag and put the batter in the bag.Twist the end of the piping bag so as not to let the batter leak. Start to pipe the batter.
12. For the first layer, pipe the batter in a zigzag lengthwise. For the second layer, pipe the batter in overlapped circles.
13. Mixt the beaten egg (1/2) and 1 teaspoon of water and brush the mixture on top gently. Do not damage the piped shape of the sweet potatoes.
14. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds and bake in the oven preheated to 200 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes, until nicely golden browned.
15. Transfer to the dish and serve. It is very tasty while warm but when cooled it is very moist and richer.
16. This is a close-up photo.
17. It looks like this when sliced

Story Behind this Recipe

I've got big and tasty sweet potatoes. I tried to make large sweet potato cakes with them.

This is a soft batter, so you can make also make a tart filling with this batter!