So Chewy! Rice Flour Potato Pao De Queijo

So Chewy! Rice Flour Potato Pao De Queijo

The chee

Ingredients: 2 servings (20 pao de queijo)

Potatoes (medium)
2 (approx. 270 g when peeled)
70 g
Rice flour (or wheat flour)
30 g
a small amount
Pizza cheese
50 g
2 tablespoons


1. Peel the potatoes and cut off any sprouts.
2. I wrapped the potatoes in cling film and steamed with rice to save energy. You could also microwave or boil them.
3. When soft, mash the potatoes with a masher. Add the katakuriko, rice flour and salt and continue to mash and mix. Finally mix in the cheese whilst the mixture is still warm.
4. When mixed in, add the water and knead with your hands. If it doesn't clump together well, add a little more water.
5. Roll the dough into balls of about 3 cm in diameter. (You can prepare the mixture up to this point and chill the dough in the fridge to bake in the morning).
6. Bake for 15 - 17 minutes at 200°C to finish!
7. You can make potato and cheese mochi with the exact same recipe. Check out Recipe ID: 2150400.
8. I served them at a house party.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to try making pao de queijo with rice flour.