This is a rich and creamy pasta dish made with egg and cheese. It contains no heavy cream or milk. It's really easy to make and has a smooth finish, as the egg is mixed in over residual heat.

Ingredients: 1 serving

1 serving
1 clove
Olive oil
1 tablespoon
Bacon (or ham or sausage)
as needed
White wine (optional)
1 tablespoon
✳︎ Cheese
3 tablespoons
*Black pepper
a small amount


1. Beat the ingredients marked * in a bowl. Cut the bacon into bite-sized pieces. Finely chop the garlic.
2. Boil the pasta in salt water for 1 minute less than the time indicated on the packet. (10 g of salt per litre of water.)
3. Fry the oil and garlic over low heat. When it becomes fragrant, add and fry the bacon.
4. Add the white wine, raise the heat to high to evaporate the alcohol, then turn the heat back down to low. Omit this step if you are not adding wine.
5. Add the pasta to the pan and shake it around so it is coated in oil.
6. Pour the contents of the pan into the bowl from Step 1, and mix so the cheese melts. Season with black pepper to finish.
7. Fresh pasta and various sauces - Recipe ID: 2140040.

Story Behind this Recipe

I simplified a recipe I learned while I was overseas. I highly recommend this!