Western Chinese-Style Lamb Hot Pot

Western Chinese-Style Lamb Hot Pot

This authentic Western Chinese dish is the best way to enjoy lamb.

Ingredients: 4 servings

350 g
Daikon radish
300 g
Cellophane noodles
40 g
Onions (for garnish)
10 g
"A" seasonings:
Leftover pickled plum seeds (optional)
about 10
5 g
Cooking sake
5 g
Cumin 2 g
"B" seasonings:
30 g
Soy sauce
20 g
Cooking sake
15 g
5 g
200 g


1. Mix the "A" seasonings with the lamb meat. Marinate for an hour or more.
2. Dry-roast the cumin in a frying pan. Once it starts to crackle, remove it from the frying pan.
3. Without greasing the frying pan, cook the marinated lamb meat until well done. Once the lamb starts to sizzle, add the cumin and sauté together.
4. Combine the "B" seasonings in a hot pot, and bring to a boil.
5. Once the meat browns, transfer it the hot pot from Step 4.
6. Chop the onions and daikon radish into chunks, and add them to the hot pot.
7. Cover with a lid, and boil for 30 minutes.
8. Add the harusame bean noodles, boil, and it is done. Toss some minced green onions into the hot pot before serving.

Story Behind this Recipe

Cumin helps get rid of the peculiar smell of the lamb meat, so it is often used in Western Chinese cooking.