Natto, Kimchi & Tofu Gratin

Natto, Kimchi & Tofu Gratin

This simple and healthy gratin is made by mixing the ingredients.


120 g
1 pack
+100 g
Finely chopped green onion (optional)
4 tablespoons
Melting chese
to taste


1. I used this tofu. 1 pack is 120 g.
2. Mix the egg and tofu together with a whisk.
3. Mix the natto with the sauce included in the pack and place in a heat-resistant dish with the kimchi. I usually separate this into 2 dishes, but you can just use 1!
4. Top with the green onion and cover with Step 2.
5. Top with as much cheese as you want and bake it in the toaster oven until browned.

Story Behind this Recipe

My family loves eating tofu topped with kimchi and natto. I only had 1 pack of tofu and since I knew everyone would fight over it, I mixed it all together.
Adjust the balance of tofu and egg to taste.