For Parties and Celebrations: Rainbow Roll Sushi

For Parties and Celebrations: Rainbow Roll Sushi

Wrap a California roll with your favorite ingredients! It's colorful and gorgeous so it will definitely be the star dish of a party. The recipe is easy to follow.

Ingredients: 4 rolls

Basic California Rolls - Recipe ID: 2120617
4 rolls
Lean tuna (Maguro, sashimi grade)
12 pieces
Salmon (sashimi grade) or smoked salmon
8 pieces
Flying fish roe
a small amount
Lemon juice
a small amount
as much as you like


1. Make a basic California roll. I used tuna with mayonnaise instead of imitation crab with mayonnaise.
2. Basic California Rolls - Recipe ID: 2120617. Attention: This recipe is for making 8 rolls.
3. Once you've made the California rolls, let them rest (over 10 minutes).
4. Prepare the ingredients that will wrap the California roll. Slice the ingredients as thin and long as you can. It will be easier to roll and also look prettier. Getting a block of sashimi and cutting it yourself is easier.
5. Slice the avocado very thinly. To avoid browning, and to add flavor, sprinkle with lemon juice.
6. Place some plastic wrap onto a sushi mat. Arrange the ingredients diagonally on the wrap, starting with avocado → tuna → avocado → salmon in that order.
7. As seen in the left picture, I used 3 pieces of tuna and 2 pieces of salmon this time.
8. Carefully remove the plastic wrap from the California roll. Place the California roll at the center of the outer ingredients.
9. Roll the two together. Imagine lifting the side closer to you upwards as you roll it away from you.
10. Be careful not to wrap the plastic wrap into the roll. Press and shape the roll over the sushi mat.
11. Remove the sushi mat. Leave the plastic wrap on and let the roll settle for a while.
12. The reason why you arrange the ingredients diagonally in Step 6 is because if you cut the roll you'd get more ingredients in every piece. Plus it'll look more pretty and fun.
13. Cut the roll over the plastic wrap. Hold the roll with your left hand (if you are right-handed). Make the first cut firmly and diagonally into the roll.
14. If you hesitate here, the cutting edge will get squashed. Once you've made a slit, concentrate on pushing the knife forward to make a clean cut.
15. Since it's a Rainbow roll, arrange the pieces in a rainbow-shaped arch. Top with flying fish roe and mayonnaise if you'd like.
16. It's also good if you arrange them diagonally so all the ingredients show.

Story Behind this Recipe

Rainbow rolls were only available at pricey sushi restaurants in America. But now these rolls are so popular that you can find it at Japanese fast food restaurants. Because this dish looks so gorgeous and is also very tasty, I ended up creating my own easy-step version to make a lot at home.