Scone-Style Biscuits in a Microwave and a Frying Pan

Scone-Style Biscuits in a Microwave and a Frying Pan

I made delicious scone-style biscuits with a microwave and a frying pan.

Ingredients: 2 biscuits

100 g
2 pinches
1 tablespoon
Baking powder
2 teaspoons
Margarine or vegetable oil
2 tablespoons
Water or milk
30-40 ml


1. First of all, try taking a look at the inside of a freshly cooked scone! Enjoy with jam, honey or maple syrup if you like.
2. Add the flour, salt, and baking powder into a container. Cover with a lid, and shake.
3. Add the margarine (or vegetable oil), sugar, and water (or milk) into a bowl, and mix.
4. Combine Step 2 and 3, and fold them in.
5. It's ok even if the dough is still crumbly.
6. Divide the Step 5 dough into 2, and dust with flour (excluded from the recipe). Place them on plastic wrap on a plate in a microwave, and microwave for 1 minute.
7. They expand quite a bit. Carefully transfer them into a frying pan since they are still soft.
8. Brown one side over low heat.
9. It will look like this.
10. Microwave the Step 9 dough for 50 seconds.
11. Return to the pan, and brown the other side over low heat.
12. And done! Let them cool down, and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

I created this recipe because I had a craving for KFC biscuits.