Hina Doll Prince and Princess Shaped Temari-zushi (round sushi balls)

Hina Doll Prince and Princess Shaped Temari-zushi (round sushi balls)

Let's make hina dolls for Hina-matsuri (Girl's Day Festival, March 3rd) with temari-zushi, ball shaped sushi! I made this in the spring of 2013.

Ingredients: 7 to 8 servings

Sushi rice
5 rice cooker cups, uncooed
Nori seaweed for hand rolls
4 pieces
2 slices
Scrambled eggs (iri tamago)
3 eggs worth
Imitation crab sticks
4 small
Salmon flakes (commercial)
1 small jar
to taste
Sakura denbu (pink colored fine white fish flakes)
to taste
Carrot (sliced, cut in flower shapes and cooked with soy sauce)
1 bunch
Plastic wrap
22 cm width


1. Cook 5 rice cooker cups of rice with the 'sushi rice' water level, and make sushi rice. 130 g sugar, 125 g rice vinegar, 10 g salt is my recipe for the sushi vinegar - we like it on the sweet side.
2. Make the face parts. Cut the nori seaweed with kitchen scissors. Use the rounded part of a heart shaped piece of ham.
3. Use some broccolini boiled in salt water to decorate the prince's head. Use a carrot flower cooked in soy sauce for the princess.
4. Cut the crab sticks into quarters. Make scrambled eggs (iri tamago); I flavor mine with sugar and salt.
5. Prepare the sakura denbu and salmon flakes. If you want to use other ingredients, make them ready also.
6. Spread out a piece of plastic wrap and arrange the face directly on the plastic wrap. When making the princess, place a carrot flower on her head, and when making the prince, place a piece of broccolini on his head. Place the hair parts afterwards.
7. If you place the nori eyes, ham mouth, and sakura denbu cheeks towards the center of the rice ball, it will look very cute.
8. Gently top with sushi rice, add the filling and then very gently add a bit more sushi rice.
9. Lift up the 4 corners of the plastic wrap and form it into a ball.
10. Make the prince in the same way.
11. These are great in bentos too. Make lots of carrot flowers to use as decoration, and to make the bento very cute.

Story Behind this Recipe

We didn't take out our big hina doll display this year, so I made these. My children loved them!