How to Remove the Skin and Scales from Sole

How to Remove the Skin and Scales from Sole

Here's a method I learned from a fishmonger for removing the skin and scales from a sole. It's surprisingly easy!


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1. Here is how a sole looks from the front and back. The skin is removed from the front side (photo top), and scales taken off the back side (photo bottom).
2. Scrape the scales off the bottom side of the fish with the back of a knife.
3. If the sole is big, a lot of hard scales will come off!
4. Once the scales have been removed, cut around the head where there is a shallow depression. Leave the skin on the other side intact, so that the head is still attached by that skin.
5. This is how it looks from the side.
6. Hold onto the head that was cut in Step 4, push out the guts, and peel off the skin in one go.
7. Peel off the skin like this up to the tail, as shown in the Step 8 photo.
8. Rinse the skinned fish quickly and it's done.
9. Sprinkle with some sake to remove the fishy odor.
10. Bonus: I marinated half of the fish in shio koji and froze it.

Story Behind this Recipe

I always buy fillets of sole, so I didn't know how to prepare it myself. I learned how to do it from a fishmonger, and it was surprisingly easy! He said "I want young people like you to learn how to cook fish". He wants everyone to learn how.
I added my own ways of cooking the prepared sole.