Easy Handmade Gyoza and Wonton Skins

Easy Handmade Gyoza and Wonton Skins

Anyone can make delicious gyoza dumpling skins easily. You can adapt this recipe to make pasta noodles as well. No more need to buy skins!

Ingredients: About 24 square skins

Cake flour (or bread flour)
100 g (or 50 g each of cake and bread flour)
Lukewarm water (adjust as needed)
about 75 ml


1. Put the lukewarm water in the flour in 3 batches, while mixing using a cutting motion with a spatula.
2. When the mixture is crumbly, press down with your hands while gathering in the flour to form a cohesive mass. Add a bit more water if needed.
3. When the dough has come together and is fairly tender (about as soft as your earlobe), flour your work surface and your hands and knead. You can adjust the consistency of the dough with the flour too.
4. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and rest for at least 15 minutes. I recommend making the filling while the dough rests. By resting it, the dough becomes easier to roll out.
5. Flour both the work surface and a rolling pin. Cut the dough in half, roll each piece into a ball and press flat onto the work surface. Roll out back and forth and side to side with the rolling pin. If you roll the dough onto the rolling pin diagonally at the end, this will result in a square.
6. Roll the dough out very thinly, and cut out with a cup or something similar. You can just cut it into squares too. Use the leftover bits in soups or ramen.
7. For wonton dumplings, make the dough as thin as possible, and cut into squares.
8. If you make the filling while letting the dough rest during Step 4, then fill the skins after they are cut, they'll be very stretchy and easy to handle.
9. Seal both gyoza and wonton dumpling skins tightly around the filling to trap in the meat juices. Since the skins stretch very well, boil or cook just before dinner.

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned how to make gyoza dumpling by dividing them into small portions and rolling each one out into a circle, but it's a lot of work so I created this simpler method. I think this is perfect for beginners. Handmade skins are chewy and delicious.