Just Mix in a Blender Madeleine with Vegetable Paste

Just Mix in a Blender Madeleine with Vegetable Paste

A madeleine with carrot, pumpkin, and spinach. If you have a blender this is very easy!

Ingredients: 9 - 11 madeleines in a 8 cm mold

Batter (for one type)
1. Egg (large)
2. Caster sugar or granulated sugar
50 g
3. Vegetable paste
See below
4. Vegetable oil
3 tablespoons
●Cake flour
50 g
●Baking powder
1/2 teaspoon
Melted butter, for the mold
as needed
Vegetable Paste
40 g
20 g
Kabocha squash
40 g
to taste


1. Heat the kabocha in the microwave and crush. Boil and carrot and spinach until soft. Use a fork to smash the carrot, and cut the spinach into small pieces.
2. Add the ingredients 1 - 4 in the blender in order. Blend as you add each ingredient. It'll layer as it's whipped, so once you add the egg and sugar, mix for slightly longer.
3. Put in a bowl and sift in the ● dry ingredients. Mix until it's no longer powdery. Cover with wrap and refrigerate for more than an hour.
4. Use a brush to apply melted butter to the madeleine mold. Preheat the oven at 170 ℃.
5. Mix the batter and use a pastry bag or spoon to pour into the mold. Drop the mold several times to remove the air pockets.
6. Bake in the oven for 15 to 17 minutes at 170℃. Adjust the time according to your oven.
7. 3/4 - I adjusted the recipe by halving the amount of spinach.

Story Behind this Recipe

Bread with carrot paste was really delicious, so I put the idea to use with madeleines. However, grating the carrots was unexpectedly a major pain so I used a blender. The mixing time and effort was really simple, so I added other ingredients.