Simple Pineapple Cutting Technique

Simple Pineapple Cutting Technique

This takes less than 10 minutes! You can use this technique to cut up a whole unwieldy pineapple.


Whole pineapple


1. Using a bread knife with a serrated edge will make cutting the leaves and thick prickly skin easy.
2. In order to make a "handle" to use while cutting the pineapple, cut off the pointed parts of the leaves only.
3. By holding this end in your left hand and cutting with your right, you won't have to touch the pineapple directly, and your hands won't get sticky.
4. Use the knife to cut off the skin of the pineapple. It's alright if there are brown spots remaining on the fruit.
5. Once you've cut off the skin, remove the bottom of the pineapple.
6. From this point on, switch from the bread knife to a carving knife or a paring knife. Since the brown spots on the pineapple are aligned diagonally, cut notches in the pineapple along those lines.
7. To cut out the brown spots, cut notches on the other side of the brown spots and remove them.
8. Continue cutting the diagonal lines by slowly turning the pineapple, removing all of the brown spots.
9. Once all the spots have been removed, cut off the handle and all remaining leaves.
10. First, cut the pineapple in half down the middle, then cut into whatever size pieces you like (quarters, sixths, etc).
11. Cut off the central pith of the pineapple.
12. Cut into bite size pieces and serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

In some countries, outdoor vendors will cut up fruit right before your eyes. I was overwhelmed by their skill, speed, and presentation, so I wanted to try doing it myself.