Easy Ganache Cream

Easy Ganache Cream

Spread it on cakes or sandwich some cookies!
This delicious chocolate cream can be used in many ways!


Chocolate bar
55 g (1 chocolate bar)
Heavy cream
40 ml
Hot water (for double-boiler)
as needed


1. Boil some water and pour it into a large bowl. Break the chocolate bar into small pieces and add it into a separate bowl. Put it inside the large bowl to double-boil the chocolate in the makeshift bain-marie.
2. Once the chocolate starts to melt, mix it with a whisk and melt it completely until it is creamy. Remove from the hot water.
3. Pour heavy cream in another bowl, put the bowl in the same hot water from Step 2 and warm it up.
4. Leave it for a while. Heat the heavy cream in the hot water bath until it feels a little warm when you stick your finger in it. Once it is warm, remove from the double-boiler.
5. Add 1/3 of the heavy cream from Step 4 into the chocolate from Step 2.
6. It becomes lumpy, but keep on mixing until it gets glossy.
7. Add 1/2 of the remaining heavy cream from Step 4 and mix well.
8. Add all the remaining heavy cream from Step 4 and mix.
9. With a whisk, mix well until smooth.
10. It's all done! You can use it to fill the inside of cookies. Spread on a cake. Or any other way you think of using it.
11. How about easy French biscuits (Langue de Chat) sandwich? (Recipe ID: 2111521)
12. Spread it on an easy time-saving microwave cake (Recipe ID: 2110301).
13. Fill the fluffy dorayaki (small pancakes) with the chocolate cream (Recipe ID : 2005447).

Story Behind this Recipe

It's easy!
You can use this ganache in a variety of things!