Simple Hina Doll Onigiri for Bento

Simple Hina Doll Onigiri for Bento

These are simple Hina dolls made with just their face.
This is a great easy way of adding a bit of festivity to bento.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Hot cooked white rice
120 g
Mentsuyu (seasoning soy sauce)
About 1/2 teaspoon
Nori seaweed
As needed
Cooked kuro-mame (black beans, usually black soy beans)
1 bean
As needed


1. Mix mentsuyu sauce into the rice, and shape two round rice balls (use rice mixed with salmon flakes or ketchup, or plain white rice - whatever you like).
2. Stick on the hair parts, and cut notches into the overlaps to make them easier to wrap. (Feel free to arrange the hair as you like).
3. Wrap up again in plastic wrap to let the nori seaweed settle.
4. Cut the crown from boiled carrot using three petals from a flower shape cutter. This looks cute if you use a straw to cut it as well.
5. I used a black bean for the black lacquered head gear. Make sure to use spaghetti to hold it in place.
6. Cut the nori seaweed with a punch or scissors to make the faces, stick them on, and use the boiled carrot you cut out with a straw to make cheeks by sticking them on with spaghetti.
7. They are done.
8. This version with picks is also cute.

Story Behind this Recipe

I rewrote the recipe from "Asami's Bento" past February 2008 post.