An Easy Snack Burdock Root Confit

An Easy Snack Burdock Root Confit

Simply seasoned with anchovies.
They're a perfect accompaniment to wine.


Burdock root
1 tin (see below)
Olive oil
as needed


1. Scrape the skin off the burdock root with a piece of aluminum foil (it doesn't have to become completely white).
2. Chop the burdock root into bite-sized pieces, place in a pot of cold water, then bring to a boil. Drain, then wipe off excess water (they don't have to be tender at this point).
3. In a small pan, combine the burdock root from Step 2 with the anchovies together with the oil, then fill with olive oil until it covers the burdock root.
4. Simmer the burdock root over low heat until it becomes tender.
5. Once the burdock root is tender, turn off the heat, cool to the touch, then store in a jar.
6. Or, arrange on a plate, and top with anchovies. I sliced the burdock roots in half lengthwise here.
7. Use the leftover oil to prepare pasta or another dish.
8. This is the tinned anchovy that I use. The net weight is 45 g, and 23 g without the oil.

Story Behind this Recipe

The burdock root confit that I had for lunch was delicious.
Since you add anchovies (which I love), the dish can be easily prepared without any other additional seasonings.