Hinamatsuri Charaben Rilakkuma Hina Dolls

Hinamatsuri Charaben Rilakkuma Hina Dolls

It will be Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day Festival, March 3rd) soon. I made my favorite Rilakkuma into hina dolls.

Ingredients: 1 child-sized serving

Hot cooked white rice
about 100 g
Mentsuyu (or furikake)
a small amount
as needed
Nori seaweed
as needed
Usuyaki tamago
as needed
Wiener sausage
Cheese bites
Sliced cheese
2 x 2 cm square
Snacking kombu
1 piece


1. Divide the rice into two portions. Leave the rice for Korilakkuma white, and mix the rice for Rilakkuma with mentsuyu or furikake to color it brown. Wrap both portions in plastic wrap to form oval shaped balls.
2. Cut an oval out of the ham using a cutter, and slice off each end into a natural curve.
3. Place the ham on top of the white rice ball so that it is well balanced. Make some small cuts around the edge of the ham so that it's easier to wrap around the rice balls.
4. Wrap the ham and rice in plastic, and press together.
5. Cut the nori seaweed in the same way. Cut an oval out of the top edge with the cutter as in Step 2, and then just cut off each end with scissors as shown. Easy.
6. Wrap the nori around the brown rice ball so that it's well balanced. Press over the plastic wrap.
7. Cut the ears for Korilakkuma out of the candy sized cheese, and the ears for Rilakkuma out of wiener sausages. The ears should be 5 mm wide.
8. Use an oval cutter and a small oval shaped cutter to cut the outer and inner lines of the ears. Tidy up the shapes and pierce with small strands of spaghetti.
9. Put the rice balls in a bento box, and stick on the ears.
10. Cut out the parts that go on the ears. For Korilakkuma, cut them out of the ham, and for Rilakkuma, cut them out of the thin omelette. Use a tiny oval cutter, and slice off one end as shown.
11. Put the pieces from Step 10 on the ears, and secure with small strands of spaghetti.
12. Cut out a fan for the princess (Korilakkuma) and a scepter for the prince (Rilakkuma) out of the omelette, and secure on the rice balls with small strands of spaghetti. Cut two pieces out for the scepter as shown. (If you don't have an appropriate cutter, just cut the shapes out with a knife.)
13. Cut 2 tiny oval shapes out of the sliced cheese, and place them on the lower half of the faces. Secure with a spaghetti strand..
14. Make the face parts with nori seaweed.
15. Cut the prince's hat out of the snacking kombu seaweed using scissors. To make the princess's crown, cut a flower shape out of the omelette, cut off one end, and secure with spaghetti strands.
16. Put the head dress on top of the princess's head (Korilakkuma) to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I make a hina doll charaben every year. This time, I made a Rilakkuma version.