Totoro Rolls for Character Bento

Totoro Rolls for Character Bento

You can make Totoro with sandwich bread rolls. Use any fillings you like.

Ingredients: For making 2 Totoros

Bread rolls
Any fillings you like
as needed
Sliced cheese
2 slices
Nori seaweed
as needed
Toasted pasta
as needed


1. Brown spaghettini in a oven toaster to make toasted pasta.
2. Cut the back of the rolls diagonally like this.
3. Cut the trimmed bread in half and make ears with scissors. The bottom part of the ears should be long because you will insert these parts into the bread.
4. Make slits horizontally in the bread and add your favorite fillings.
5. Hold the bread rolls with the cut part down. Make small holes on top to insert the ears. (I used a design knife, but you can do this with a normal knife.)
6. Insert the ears into the holes. Hold the ears with tweezers and poke them into the holes. Take the tweezers out of the hole.
7. Fold a piece of kitchen paper and make a template of Totoro's stomach. Cut the paper into a rice ball shape.
8. Place the template on sliced cheese and cut the cheese by running a toothpick along the template.
9. Place the cut cheese on the bread rolls and cover with cling film to stick together.
10. Stamp out mouth shapes using a oval cutter twice.
11. Stamp out eyes with a small round cutter.
12. Stick the browned spaghetti at the back of these parts and stick the spaghetti into the bread rolls to make faces.
13. Make the nori parts and use mayonnaise as glue to stick to the face.
14. Break the browned pasta into 2 cm long pieces and stick in as whiskers.
15. For a more detailed description about making the nori parts, see Recipe ID: 1714045

Story Behind this Recipe

I was asked how to make them when I posted a photo of this in my blog. This is the recipe.