Hina Doll Rice Balls for Hinamatsuri

Hina Doll Rice Balls for Hinamatsuri

This is a simply decorated rice ball using just nori seaweed and carrot. You can easily make a cute hina doll rice ball.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Hot cooked white rice
120 g
Nori seaweed
a small amount


1. Form a triangle shaped rice ball seasoned with salt. At the bottom of the rice ball, cross the nori seaweed cut into thin strips and wrap it around the rice ball like a kimono.
2. For the hair, stick another nori seaweed on the pointy end of the rice ball while leaving some space on top. Cut the edges of the nori seaweed to make it easier to wrap.
3. Wrap the rice balls with a plastic wrap and press the rice balls to let the nori seaweed stick to the rice.
4. Make the face by sticking on the punched out nori seaweed on the rice balls. Cut out boiled carrot using a straw to make the cheeks and secure by sticking with uncooked spaghetti. You can also decorate them by inserting picks as shown on the photo.
5. You're all done.
6. Petit sized hina dolls are also cute.

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