Fluffy and Rich Lemon Cakes

Fluffy and Rich Lemon Cakes

These are light and fluffy cakes made with one whole beaten egg. They make the perfect gift since they are quite extravagant. I added tips for icing the cakes in steps 10-12.

Ingredients: 6-7 servings

30 g
10 g
Egg (large size)
White sugar
40 g
●Cake flour (use 40 g if you don't have corn starch)
30 g
10 g
●Baking powder
1/2 teaspoon
Lemon peel (if available)
10 g
Lemon flavored white coating chocolate
As needed


1. Lightly grease a pan with butter. Wash the lemons well and grate the skins, and squeeze out the juice. Melt the butter in a hot water bath, combine with the milk, and keep warm in the hot water bath.
2. Beat the egg with a hand mixer inside a hot water bath at a high speed. Once it has become fluffy and bubbles have formed, add in the sugar over several turns and continue to beat.
3. Remove from the hot water bath once it's warm to the touch (about 40℃), and beat with a mixer until bubbles cover its blades. Finish it off by beating at a low speed for 1 minute until you end up with fine bubbles that are hard to pop.
4. Preheat the oven to 180℃. Sift the • dry ingredients into step 3, add in lemon peel to taste, and give it a quick stir throughout.
5. Combine the melted butter that you've been keeping warm, with the lemon juice and grated peel, add in one scoop of the batter from step 4, and stir. (The butter won't sink in easily).
6. Drizzle the melted butter mixture from step 5 onto the surface of step 4, and stir in a wide circle while scraping up from the bottom of the bowl and rotating it. You should end up with a fluffy batter.
7. Fill the pan 90% of the way with the batter, and bake at 170-180℃ for 16-20 minutes. Drop the pan from a height of 10 cm after baking, remove from the pan, and let cool.
8. [Finishing Touches]:Melt the lemon flavored white chocolate in a hot water bath, and coat the cakes. Decorate with colored sugar dragées or lemon peel before it solidifies for a cute effect.
9. I had some leftover coating chocolate, so I used it as a topping on rusks, cranberry biscotti, and marshmallows, etc.
10. Icing tip 1: The coating chocolate won't have a nice texture if you heat it up to a high temperature. If melting it in a microwave, heat it for a short time.
11. Icing tip 2: Melt the coating chocolate at about 60℃, and keep warm in a 50-60℃ hot water bath to be able to cover the cakes smoothly.
12. Icing tip 3: if you want to cover the cakes with a thick layer of icing, take the icing out of the hot water bath to allow it to thicken, and then ice the cakes.

Story Behind this Recipe

Beating the egg well and adding in cornstarch helps to bring out the fluffiness, and the white sugar gives this cake a rich taste. Gently mix after adding in the flour while taking care not to pop the bubbles, and continue to mix until you can only see a hint of the butter remaining. It'll be lighter with a fluffy batter, and heavier with a runny batter.