Low Sugar Microwaved Bread with Okara & Soy Flour

Low Sugar Microwaved Bread with Okara & Soy Flour

I was worried that using soy flour would make this bread tough, but the okara is moist and fluffy.
Sugar content: Total - 8.3 g, 1 slice - 0.8 g.

Ingredients: Easy-to-make portions / sugar content in parantheses

50 g (0.4 g)
Soy Flour
50 g (7 g)
Lakanto (artificial sugar)
15 g
a pinch
Baking powder
3 g
1 (0.2 g)
Olive oil
10 g
Soy milk
70 g (0.7 g)


1. I recommend using a Ziploc brand container If you don't have any, you can line a microwave-safe container with parchment paper.
2. First, the okara. If you're using the powdered type, the resulting amount when reconstituted varies by the brand and manufacturer, but the overall weight should come to about 50 g. I recommend reconstituting with soy milk.
3. Add the ingredients to the okara in the order listed from the top.
4. For the soy milk, first add 50 g. Stir it in and if it still seems a bit dry, add 10-20 g more.
5. After adding the soy milk, it should be a creamy texture.
6. Place in the microwave, uncovered, and microwave for 7 minutes at 500 W. Once done, remove from the container and wrap it in a towel to cool.
7. Cut into any shape you want. The top photo shows how it looks cut into 10 slices.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I only used soy flour, the texture was off, so I combined it with some okara.