Girl's Day Charaben * Emperor & Empress Inarizushi

Girl's Day Charaben * Emperor & Empress Inarizushi

You'll find two little dolls inside the inari wrapper.
Add these guys to your chara-themed rice dishes and appetizers ♪

Ingredients: 1 serving

Sushi rice
as needed
Aburaage for Inarizushi
Nori seaweed
to taste
a small amount
Flower sushi stock
if you have it


1. Slightly fold in the edges of the aburaage and pack a little bit of vinegared rice into the bottom to stabilize the shape. Add a bite sized amount of vinegared rice to cling film and form into balls.
2. Cut out nori seaweed to make the hair and fix in place.
3. Cover in plastic wrap and leave to rest for a while so everything sets in place.
4. Decorate with cocktail sticks, cut or punch out the facial features from nori seaweed and stick in place.
5. Using flower sushi stock (or denbu fish flakes), slightly blot the cheeks using a toothpick as a brush. Cut a wedge of cucumber to make folding fans and it's finish ♪
6. Pack into a bento box for a cute lunch^^

Story Behind this Recipe

I remade an old recipe (from 5 years ago) that I found on "Asami's Bento" blog.