Easy Yogurt Drink Pound Cake

Easy Yogurt Drink Pound Cake

This cake is made using a strawberry-flavored yogurt drink.
The fragrance of the freshly baked cake is very spring-like.
It's super easy to make.


✤Pancake mix
200 g
✤Yogurt drink
200 ml
✤Butter (or margarine)
20 g
20 g
Cinnamon powder (optional)
a small amount


1. To prepare the ingredients, preheat the oven. Soften the butter (or margarine) in the microwave.
2. Slice the apple into 5 mm wedges. Sprinkle with cinnamon powder.
3. Combine the ✤ ingredients in a bowl and mix together. Add the apples and lightly mix. Pour into a pan and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes.
4. The outside is crisp, and the inside is moist. Let cool, then remove from the pan.
5. Enjoy the sweet fragrance of the strawberries and texture of the apple.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to use up a yogurt drink, so I came up with this.
It's fluffy and fragrant, and can be easily made.
The yogurt drink gives the cake a sweet and sour spring-like fragrance.