Made With Frozen Bread! Easy and Fluffy French Toast

Made With Frozen Bread!  Easy and Fluffy French Toast

This french toast is so fluffy even though it's made with frozen bread.
Make it quick by thawing the bread in the microwave and soaking it in the seasoning at the same time!


Frozen bread (from a 6-slice loaf)
1 slice
Egg (medium)
Milk or soy milk
50 ml
1 tablespoon
1/2 tablespoon (5-6 g)


1. Cut a piece of bread into any sizes and shapes you like.
2. Combine the egg, milk and sugar to make the egg mixture. Taste it and adjust the sweetness to your preference.
3. Soak the bread in the egg mixture. Lightly pierce several holes in both sides of the bread with a fork.
4. Microwave at 500W for 40 seconds. Take it out and flip the bread. Then microwave for another 40 seconds.
5. Melt the butter in a heated skillet. Reduce the heat to low and put the bread in the skillet. The key here is to flip it once and butter both sides of the bread.
6. Cook slowly over low heat until browned on the both sides. It's done (You can cook it quickly over high heat also, but I recommend cooking it slowly on low heat.)
7. It's only slightly sweet, so it may be good to add honey or maple syrup if desired. Or serve with ice cream.

Story Behind this Recipe

If you live alone, you end up with lots of extra frozen bread... So I was wondering what I could do to make it into a delicious dish, and ended up with this fluffy french toast.

Piercing holes in the bread with a fork helps the flavors penetrate easily.
Also, microwaving the bread allows it to soak up the egg liquid while thawing at the same time.