Perfectly Round Temari Sushi

Perfectly Round Temari Sushi

You can make perfectly round and uniformly sized temari sushi very easily with this recipe.

Ingredients: using 2 cake pop trays

Hot cooked white rice
900 g
Sushi rice seasoning
as needed
Your choice of toppings
Tuna, shrimp, salmon, pickled mackerel, cured hum, thin tamagoyaki, sakura denbu, etc.


1. Mix the cooked rice with the sushi rice seasoning.
2. Wet a cake pop pan with water and place your preferred toppings inside the moulds.
3. Shape the rice into small balls with your hands and place them inside the moulds on top of the toppings.
4. Put the lid of the pan on top and snap it shut. Press down firmly on top of the moulds, then remove the lid and take out the temari sushi.
5. Serve the sushi on a plate.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to try making some temari sushi in a mould that I use to make round cakes to try and get them perfectly the same size. I wrapped the fillings around some of the temari sushi to make them look like the emperor and empress dolls, but all of the other sushi are made by lining the moulds with the fillings first.