Sakura & Doll's Festival Character Bento Hello Kitty

Sakura & Doll's Festival Character Bento Hello Kitty

It's Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel bento characters.


Hot cooked white rice
1 child's rice bowl
Imitation crab meat sticks
as needed
as needed
Sushi nori seaweed
a small amount
Processed cheese
1 piece
as needed
Thin egg omelet
a small amount
Your favorite side dishes
as you like


1. Wrap up the rice for Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel's heads in plastic wrap to shape them into cat heads. Make the eyes and whiskers from nori and the nose from a bit of omelet, then stick them on the face.
2. Shape Hello Kitty's body with rice in plastic wrap. Make it a rounded trapezoid. Use the red part of the crab sticks to create the kimono's outer layer and the white part to create the inner layer peaking through at the neck.
3. Make Dear Daniel's torso the same way as you did Hello Kitty's. Make his kimono using the spinach leaves for the outside, and the white part of the crab sticks for the inside.
4. Cut the cheese in half and cut out the crown. Next, cut out the pink kamaboko to make the jewels and Kitty's fan.
5. Use the other half of the cheese to make Daniel's fan and hat. Top the cheese with nori.
6. Set Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel into your bento box. Use dry spaghetti noodles to pin their fans, crown, and hat on to finish.
7. Cut the carrots into sakura flowers and the pink kamaboko into sakura petals. Top the bento with the flowers and petals to make it a real Springtime bento!

Story Behind this Recipe

The Doll's Festival is coming up, so I wanted to make this for my daughter's bento.