Easy Fried Mackerel! With Great Breading!

Easy Fried Mackerel! With Great Breading!

Perfect for the busy housewife!
My son who has an egg allergy can eat this!
Even without an egg, it's quite crispy and the fish on the inside stays succulent!

Ingredients: 2 servings

Horse mackerel (aji)
Plain flour
5 heaping tablespoons
50 ml
as needed


1. Slice the mackerel into 3 portions.
2. Dissolve the flour in water. Don't let the batter get thin! It should be on the thicker side!!
3. Dip the filet into the flour and water mixture. Next coat with the panko. When coating with the panko, press down tightly to coat it evenly and generously.
4. Shallow fry it in a small amount of oil.
5. Wow!! You can use this to make cream croquettes and other fried things. If you're making a lot of bentos with fried items, this is really helpful!

Story Behind this Recipe

Using a whole egg when you're frying just one thing seems like a bit of waste. So I reduced the amount of oil and shallow fried it lol. I also wanted to make a budget friendly dish that was also low in calories. Once done frying, it still clings quite well to the fish. This isn't problematic in the least, and it leaves the fish crispy and delicious.