Easy Sausage Bread

Easy Sausage Bread

It's surprisingly easy to form these rolls. The juicy sausages match perfectly with my favorite soft, fluffy dough.

Ingredients: 6 to 8 rolls

Bread (strong) flour
200 g
16 g
3 g
16 g
Skim milk powder
15 g
140 ml
Instant Dry Yeast
Wiener sausages
Tomato ketchup
as needed
to taste


1. These sausages are a recent discovery, from Marudai Ham! A packet has 8 perfectly sized sausages. And they're delicious.
2. Measure out the ingredients and put them in a bread machine. Put the dry yeast in the yeast compartment. Select the "dough" program and switch the machine on.
3. When the dough has been kneaded, take it out without letting it rise yet. It will look a bit sad at this point.
4. Round it off into a smooth ball, place in a bowl with the seam side down, and leave for the 1st rising. It takes 60 to 70 minutes at 30°C.
5. When the dough has doubled in volume it's done. Test it by poking it with a moistened finger - the hole should remain without filling back in.
6. Press gently to deflate the dough.
7. Divide the dough into 8 pieces, round off each piece and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
8. Roll out each piece with a rolling pin into an oval shape.
9. Place the dough sideways, and fold in the top and bottom edges towards the middle.
10. Pinch the edges of the dough tightly closed.
11. Press out lightly with the palms of your hands, fold in half, and pinch the top and bottom seams closed. Roll with your hands to form a long rope.
12. Pinch the ends together to form a ring. Place seam side down.
13. Press the sausages firmly into the hole, and line the rolls up on a kitchen parchment paper lined baking tray. Leave to rise at 30°C for 30 to 40 minutes (2nd rising).
14. Start preheating the oven to 180°C just before the rolls finish rising. When the rolls have doubled in volume they're ready to bake.
15. Top with as much ketchup and mayonnaise as you like.
16. Bake in a 180°C oven for 15 minutes. Cool the baked rolls on a rack.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love sausage bread. I like to eat it in various ways.