Empress & Emperor for Girls' Day Bento

Empress & Emperor for Girls' Day Bento

These rice figurines are easy using cheese and nori seaweed. How about filling a lunch box with a cute emperor and empress?


Hot cooked white rice
use as much as you like
Nori seaweed
as needed
Imitation crab meat sticks
a small amount
as needed
Ham or fish sausage
as needed


1. Make the faces. Use a round cutter to make circles out of sliced cheese. Place the hair made with nori seaweed on to them.
2. Cut the nori seaweed into ovals.
3. Place the cheese from Step 1 onto the nori seaweed from Step 2. Leave the empress's hair as it is, and cut the emperor's hair as in the picture.
4. Assemble the parts. Make the eyes and mouth with nori seaweed, the cheeks with ham and the crown with cheese.
5. Wrap the cooked rice with plastic wrap to make small triangular rice balls.
6. Make the kimono. Take off the white part out of the imitation crab and spread out the red part as in the picture. Cut the nori seaweed into rectangles.
7. Wrap the rice balls from Step 5 with the kimono from Step 6. Wrap them with plastic wrap to let them settle. Make sure that the right side comes on top.
8. Place the faces from Step 4 on top of the rice balls and they are done. Add a small piece of nori seaweed as in the picture to make the emperor's headgear look better.
9. They will look like this in a bento box.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a cute and an easy emperor and empress character bento box for Girls' day.