Quick, Easy and Cheap! How To Hard-Boil Eggs

Quick, Easy and Cheap! How To Hard-Boil Eggs

This method will save you money on gas! You don't need to gently boil them for 12 minutes, just boil for 4 minutes and you can make beautiful boiled eggs.


as many as you need
enough to fill 2cm of the pot


1. Preparations: Leave the eggs at room temperature. If you don't have the time, you can use them cold.
2. Place the eggs in the pot. Fill the pot with 2cm of water.
3. [Necessary] Cover with a lid and turn on the heat. It's best to use a transparent lid so that you can see into the pot and check on the eggs.
4. Once the water boils, adjust the heat so that the eggs won't break. Then wait 4 minutes.
5. After 4 minutes, stop the heat. Leave them for 8 minutes while still covered. If you open the lid at this point, the eggs won't boil properly.
6. The hard-boiled eggs are done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I want to eat fresh hot hard-boiled eggs every day but making them every day would use up quite a bit of gas... So this recipe saves on gas.