Hand-Rolled Ingredients to Enjoy with the Kids

Hand-Rolled Ingredients to Enjoy with the Kids

I put together a lot of ingredients that aren't raw for this hand rolled sushi selection, so that small kids can eat them easily too!

Ingredients: 5 servings

Sushi rice
3 rice cups (uncooked)
Filling ingredients:
Imitation crab + Julienned cucumber
5 sticks+1/2 cucumber
Chopped natto + cheese
1 pack+5 slices
Japanese Omelet + wiener+sweet stewed shiitake
3 pieces+5 pieces+5 pieces
Yakiniku beef + cheddar cheese
250 g + 5 slices
Canned tuna with mayonnaise+radish shoots
i can+1 pack
Salmon + sliced onion
150 g + 1/2 onion
Squid + shiso leaf
100 g + 10 pieces
Mentaiko + cucumber
3 sacs of mentaiko +1/2 cucumber
Salmon roe + cooked okra
3 tbs+5 pieces
Avocado + raw tuna
1 avocado+200g
umeboshi (pickled plum) + chopped natto + thin retangular slices of Japanese mountain yam
5 pieces of umeboshi + a small amount
Ham + cucumber + Japanese omelet
5 slices+1/2 cucumber+5 pieces
Seasoned aburaage + cucumber + onion slices
4 slices+1/2 cucumber+1/4 onion


1. Lay a thin layer of sushi rice onto sheet of nori and combine any ingredient you'd like. Roll and enjoy!
2. Cook the beef + white leek and season with yakiniku sauce to give it flavor. It's delicious when you wrap it with cheddar cheese!
3. I also added imitation crab + julienned cucumber + dressing with yuzu pepper. It gives it a tasty kick.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since small children don't like eating raw food that much, I prepared a lot of other ingredients so they can pick and choose the ones they like and make their own hand rolls.