My Okinawan Grandma's Recipe: Pork & Egg Onigiri (Rice Balls)

My Okinawan Grandma's Recipe: Pork & Egg Onigiri (Rice Balls)

This is a staple dish for home cooked meals in Okinawa! An easy pork dish eaten with rice, it's an item loved by everyone.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Plain cooked rice
2 rice cooker cups worth (360 ml uncooked)
1/2 can (4 slices)
Nori seaweed
2 sheets
to taste


1. First, prepare the fillings. Cut the Spam into 4 slices. In Okinawa, there are may different pork cans, like "Tulip", that are available.
2. Cook the Spam on both sides using a generous amount of oil. Start with the Spam.
3. After cooking the spam, cook flat omelettes using the remaining oil. The salt from the Spam will season the egg so you won't need to add any salt.
4. I am using the "Homel Spam Musubi Maker" for this one. Place the musubi maker on top of the seaweed and add a thin layer of rice.
5. Next place the Spam and mayonnaise. (without mayonnaise is ok too)
6. Lay the omelette on top of it.
7. Place rice on top of it again, and press on the musubi.
8. Remove the musubi maker mold, wrap it with seaweed and it's finished This makes 2 rolls so it serves 4.
9. It's a little difficult to shape the rice without the musubi maker, but you can still make it in a rice ball style. If you mix fresh ground pepper in the rice, you'll get a more sophisticated taste!

Story Behind this Recipe

This is soul food that I've been eating since I was a child. I decided to upload this because ever since I've moved to the mainland, it's been a great hit at parties and in sport's day bentos.
By the way, we call canned meat like Spam "Pork" in Okinawa.