Seasoned Pan-Fried Salmon with Panko

Seasoned Pan-Fried Salmon with Panko

Useful as a bento dish because it doesn't require sauce.
This is easy and healthy. Would you like this for school festivals or school trip bentos.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Fresh salmon filet
2 pieces
Salt and pepper
a small amount
Plain flour
as needed
☆ Panko
2/3 of 200 ml cup
☆Grated cheese (Parmesan)
1 teaspoon
☆Garlic powder
1 teaspoon
☆Basil (dried)
a small amount
Olive oil (or vegetable oil)
4 tablespoons


1. Mix the ☆ ingredients in a bowl. Beat the egg in a different bowl.
2. Remove bones from the salmon, and cut each filet into 4 ~ 5 pieces. Sprinkle salt and pepper, then dust with flour.
3. Dip in the egg, and coat with the panko from Step 1.
4. Heat 2/3 of the olive oil in a pan, and pan-fry over medium heat. Flip them, pour in the rest of the olive oil, fry the other side, then done.

Story Behind this Recipe

Kids love deep-fried salmon, but it's oily for adults. I added panko, but it wasn't flavourful. Then I added some seasonings, and it tasted great.