How to Make Lump-free Instant Soup

How to Make Lump-free Instant Soup

An essential recipe for people whose instant soup ends up lumpy!
Just change the order of adding the ingredients and the soup magically dissolves.
It works with cocoa and instant coffee too.


Instant soup
1 pack
Boiling water
as needed


1. First!! Pour boiling water into a cup.
2. Next!! Add all the instant soup in one go. Stir as usual.
3. Nothing remains in the cup when you're finished.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love instant soup but when I make it as instructed on the packet, it always turns out lumpy.
A while ago, I accidentally changed the order when I was making instant coffee, and it turned out really smooth. The other day I forgot to do this, and ended up with a lumpy drink, so I posted this here to remind me.