Super Easy Simmered Kabocha and Sweet Potatoes

Super Easy Simmered Kabocha and Sweet Potatoes

All you need to do is throw everything in a pot and cook. It's almost too easy!


Kabocha squash
Sweet potato
1 medium
200 ml
Dashi stock granules
1/3 teaspoon
1 1/3 tablespoon
Soy sauce
1 1/3 tablespoon


1. Kabocha = remove seeds and chop into bite-sizes. Sweet potato = peel and chop into bite-sizes. Soak in water, drain in sieve.
2. Align the kabocha so that they don't overlap, and do so with its skin facing down.
3. Put all ingredients into the pot and put the lid on. Simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes. Begin with medium heat, and if you get a lot of broth, change to low-medium.
4. Serve on a plate and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

My family loves simmered sweet potatoes, and I love simmered kabocha. So, I cooked them together.