Scrambled Eggs for Omurice

Scrambled Eggs for Omurice

A simple recipe for scrambled eggs that's great on toast, for a twist on 'omu rice' (Japanese rice-stuffed omelette), or serve with hayashi rice.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Milk or mayonnaise
1 tablespoon or 3 cm of mayonnaise (big squirt)
Butter or margarine
1 tablespoon
Salt and pepper
a dash each


1. Mix the eggs, milk/mayonnaise, salt, and pepper together. (I used mayonnaise in the photo). Pour the mixture into an unheated non-stick pan, and add the butter/margarine.
2. Turn on the heat to low, and continually mix the egg mixture using a wooden or other Teflon-safe spatula. Do not stir, but mix by gently scraping the mixture away from the pan.
3. The parts in contact with the frying pan will slowly start to solidify, so you want to keep 'scraping' the solidified bits to the center. When the eggs are still tender but not overly-runny, they're done.
4. Combine with "Easy Ketchup Rice" Recipe ID: 2115805 for a twist on omurice.
5. Try serving on buttered toast! The smell of melted butter is heavenly.
6. Or if serving for breakfast, see "Sweet Scrambled Eggs with Mini Wiener Sausages" Recipe ID: 2110731.

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with this recipe for people like me, who can never manage to roll the rice up neatly in the omelette when making omurice. There's no need to melt the butter before using. When you don't have milk, just substitute with mayonnaise.