Sugar-crafted Flowers

Sugar-crafted Flowers

When making confections you can always decorate with store bought silver dragées, but sometimes it is fun to create your own motifs. These sugar paste flowers are much harder and more durable than marzipan. When dry they are rock hard, permanent decorations.

Ingredients: A golf ball-sized piece of sugar paste

White marshmallows
Powdered sugar
A small amount
Your choice of food coloring
As needed


1. Put the marshmallows into a small bowl (about the size of a ricebowl). Microwave this for 30 seconds. It's ready when the marshmallows have expanded.
2. Pour in the powdered sugar and mix with a spoon or similar. Since it's hot, be careful not to do this with your hands. Once it starts to cool, dust your hands with katakuriko and bring together.
3. The paste is easiest to work with if it is the consistency of slightly hardened paper-mache, so knead in a bit more powdered sugar if you think the paste is too loose.
4. Wrap the paste in plastic wrap, and you are finished!
5. Here I colored the paste red and stacked it with a white paste. I combined these by rolling them together. If the paste sticks to the table, dust lightly with katakuriko.
6. Roughly chop the length into small round balls, and flatten them between two sheets of plastic wrap or other nonstick material.
7. I recommend using a silicone sheet. The paste will not stick, so it is very handy.
8. Stack the desired number of petals together in a round and press the center with the flat end of a toothpick to create a concave center with the petals lifting up.
9. It is cute if you use silver dragées in the center.
10. Next we will make a rose. Prepare about 8 petals. Starting in the center, overlap the petals around the center in a spiral pattern.
11. It should look like this.
12. There is one more way to make a rose. Roll out the petals very thin and press them together, overlapping slightly, as seen in the photo here.
13. Take the chain of petals you have just created and roll it up to create a rose shape.
14. Let the flowers air dry and they will become rock hard. Store them in an airtight container with a package of silica gel to absorb moisture, the decorations will keep indefinitely.
15. If you have leftover paste, wrap it very well in plastic and store it in the refrigerator for later use.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to decorate some cookies, but store bought decorations were too expensive, so I made this recipe.