Easy Abalone Cooked In Butter

Easy Abalone Cooked In Butter

We sent abalone to my parents' house for ochuugen (midsummer gift giving). We wanted to eat it too, so we sent them extra and went over to their house to have some. We tried them as sashimi and cooked in butter, and I preferred them cooked since they are much more tender than when raw.


1 kg
1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
1 1/2 tablespoons (to taste)


1. Scrub the abalone with a scrubbing sponge, etc., under running water to remove dirt and slime.
2. Scoop out the meat off the shallow shell using a steak knife. I cut it a bit and then peel it off with my hands. Take care not to smash the guts as you remove the meat. They will be cooked later too.
3. The green part is the guts.
4. The part with the red end is the mouth, so cut it out in a V shape with your knife.
5. Take a little slice off the abalone so that it sits flat on the pan. The cut off part will be cooked too.
6. Make diagonal cuts on the surface.
7. Pan fry the abalone in butter. When they are cooked through, drizzle a bit of soy sauce and they are done. Cook the guts in the same way.

Story Behind this Recipe

I like abalone cooked rather than raw as sashimi since it's more tender when cooked, so I tried cooking it with butter and soy sauce.