Easy Chocolate Pops

Easy Chocolate Pops

These are animal-shaped chocolates. I made these with my daughter, who is in elementary school. These are easy to make, so I recommend making them for your friends for Valentine's Day!


Mini bell-shaped castellas
As needed
White chocolate
200 g
Milk chocolate
300 g
Pocky or Toppo
1 box
As needed
Black, white, pink and yellow chocolate decorating pens (the quick drying variety)
1 pen per colour
Sliced almonds
As needed


1. Lay out all of the ingredients.
2. Finely chop the chocolate.
3. Stick the Toppo into the mini bell-shaped castellas.
4. Stick the sliced almonds into the castella to look like ears.
5. Melt the chocolate in a hot water bath.
6. Coat the rabbit castella in white chocolate.
7. Remove the excess chocolate.
8. Place upright in something like a cup, and wait until it cools and hardens.
9. For the penguin, stick sliced almonds into each side of a marshmallow. Coat just half of the marshmallow in chocolate.
10. Once they have cooled and hardened, draw on their faces with chocolate decorating pens.
11. You can wrap them and give them as presents.

Story Behind this Recipe

Making ganache from scratch is a lot of work, so I used mini bell-shaped castellas. I only had a few lollipop sticks at home, so in a hurry I used Toppo sticks. I'm quite proud of my daughter for refraining from eating these until the very end.