Simple Zenzai with Chunky Sweet Aduki Bean Paste

Simple Zenzai with Chunky Sweet Aduki Bean Paste

This is an easy recipe that's only about dissolving tsubu-an with the same amount of water, than serving with toasted mochi rice cake. It's surprisingly delicious if you use homemade tsubu-an!

Ingredients: 2 servings

Tsubu-an (Recipe ID: 2113943)
200 g
200 ml
Mochi rice cakes


1. Combine tsubu-an and water into a pot and turn the heat on.
2. Toast mochi in a toaster oven or similar until browned.
3. When the soup of the tsubu-an becomes hot, turn the heat off. Transfer into a bowl and serve with mochi.
4. It's even better if served with takuan (pickled dried and pickled daikon radish) or salted ship-konbu (salted kelp). Enjoy with hot tea.

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually use homemade tsubu-an when making manju, but sometimes I can't use it all up. That's when I make zenzai using leftover tsubu-an. Sometimes I serve it without mochi. The flavor and subtle sweetness of the aduki is still very satisfying.