Valentine's Day Charaben - Dokin-chan

Valentine's Day Charaben - Dokin-chan

I made this for my daughter's breakfast.
This is a simple Dokin-chan made with hearts for eyes.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Hot cooked rice
half a bowl
to taste
Red wieners
Cheese (cut cheese)
1 slice
Anpanman Potato
Nori seaweed
to taste


1. To make Dokin-chan's face, mix some rice with ketchup, wrap with plastic wrap, and shape it. Do the same for the piece on top of her head.
2. Make a large circle and two small circles of white rice, then use ketchup to bind the white rice to the ketchup rice. Adjust the shape as necessary.
3. Draw heart eyes on with the ketchup. Cut out two pieces of red wieners with a straw to make the cheeks. Cut out a piece of the wieners to make the nose as well. The mouth is made with nori.
4. Make a rectangle from the cheese and use lines of nori and ketchup to create the envelope design.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's going to be Valentine's Day soon.
I always make breakfast for my three-year-old daughter, so she requested something with lots of hearts this time.