A Japanese Confection: Namafu Parfait with An-mitsu and Oshiruko

A Japanese Confection: Namafu Parfait with An-mitsu and Oshiruko

Namafu, freshly made wheat gluten, is low in calories and can become a delicious dessert! Its chewy texture is excellent! Namafu can be purchased at a store or you can make it at home.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Raw gluten (namafu)
about 20 g (as desired)
→ Homemade namafu
Recipe ID: 2115941
For toppings:
Dried fu
as desired
as desired
Matcha ice cream
as desired
Whipped cream
as desired
Brown sugar syrup
as desired
as desired


1. Prepare the store-bought namafu. You can also make homemade namafu. Use my "Homemade Fresh Wheat Gluten from Kyoto (Recipe ID: 2115941)"
2. Cut the namafu. It's chewy and filling, so cut it thinly and use a small amount. The namafu shown in the photo are yomogi and black sesame flavors.
3. You just need to top the namafu with anything that you like, but I used dried fu to add a Japanese feeling. If it's too large, crush it into pieces.
4. Top the namafu with dried fu, whipped cream, ice cream, anko, etc... or anything that you like! It can be great with black sugar syrup or kinako (toasted soy bean flour) as well.
5. This Japanese-style parfait has castella cake at the bottom and a chocolate wafer as a finishing touch.

Story Behind this Recipe

I heard that there is a shop that serves namafu parfaits, and I want to go there right now!! But I'm not sure when I will get to go there, so I made these at home.