Easy Tuna Cheese Toast

Easy Tuna Cheese Toast

This is my daughter's favorite toast.
If you have tuna and cheese, you can quickly and easily make this delicious dish.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Sliced bread
Canned tuna
1 can
Onions (finely chopped)
1/8 of an onion
to taste
as needed
Sliced cheese (melting type)
4 slices


1. Combine the onion, oil, chopped up tuna, and mayonnaise.
2. Spread margarine on the bread and then spread the tuna-mayo mixture over that. Put a slice of cheese on top and toast in an oven until melted.
3. My husband likes it when I make this inside of an English muffin.

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually eat onion and tuna-mayo in a sandwich, but my daughter likes it with cheese and for it to be toasted.
The texture is best when the onion is finely chopped, but if that's a pain, you don't have to~
It also tastes great on English muffin.